Albert Jack

Historic Speeches

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A rare and carefully compiled collection of the greatest speeches in modern history. The words that changed the world.
Spoken words have long played a big role in the individual and collective lives of the people. 
Challenges have been made, wars have been won, blood has been shed, peace has been achieved and Mankind has reached for the stars, all as a result of the magical words of a few who knew how to deliver them. 
And this is one thing that hasn't changed even with the development of various modern media. Nothing has replaced the power of a speech that can influence the attitudes and thoughts of the whole of mankind.
This classic collection includes;
Thanksgiving Day Proclamation — George Washington — October 1798
The Gettysburg Address — Abraham Lincoln — November 19, 1863
Freedom or Death — Emmeline Pankhurst for the Suffrage Movement on November 13 1913
Proclamation by the Government to the German Nation — Adolf Hitler — Berlin, 1 February 1933
Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat — Winston Churchill — May 13, 1940
We Shall Fight on the Beaches — Winston Churchill — June 4, 1940
Their Finest Hour — Winston Churchill — June 18, 1940
Berlin Sports Palace — Adolf Hitler — January 30, 1941
Berlin, Reichstag — Adlof Hitler — May 4, 1941
Pearl Harbor Address to the Nation — Franklin Delano Roosevelt — 8 December 1941
Germany's Declaration of War Against the United States — Adolf Hitler — December 11, 1941
Inaugural Address — John F. Kennedy — 20 January 1961
I Have a Dream — Martin Luther King, Jr. — 28 August 1963
The Ballot or the Bullet — Malcolm X — April 3, 1964
The Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. — Robert F. Kennedy — 4 April 1968 
I am Prepared to Die — Nelson Mandela — 20th April 1964
Rivers of Blood — Enoch Powell — April 20 1968
Resignation Address to the Nation — Richard M. Nixon — 8 August 1974
Britain Awake (The Iron Lady) — Margaret Thatcher — January 19, 1976
The Lady is Not For Turning — Margaret Thatcher — October 10, 1980
The Space Shuttle “Challenger” Tragedy Address — Ronald Reagan — 28 January 1986
Remarks at the Brandenburg Gate — Ronald Reagan — 12 June 1987, West Berlin
Farewell Address to the Nation — Ronald Reagan — 11 January 1989
Nelson Mandela's Address in Cape Town on his Release from Prison — 11 February 1990
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