Leah Fleming

The Rose Villa

From the French Riviera between the wars to a terrifying endgame in World War 2 Occupied France, a gripping story of doomed but triumphant love from the author of A Wedding in the Olive Garden.
High above the Mediterranean, on the French Riviera, stands a beautiful pink stucco villa. Once a playground for the rich and glamorous, now — in the aftermath of World War 1 — it is a convalescent home for sick and wounded nurses.
Here Scottish Flora Garvie is recovering from four traumatic years on the ambulance trains. And here she will meet again charismatic but troubled Kit Carlyle, a regimental chaplain who no longer believes in his calling and certainly doesn't believe himself worthy of Flora's love. Their dramatic rollercoaster of a story will take them through death, separation and war, until a terrifying game of cat and mouse in Occupied France seals their fate.
Praise for Leah Fleming:
'A born storyteller' Kate Atkinson
'A moving and compelling story about a lifetime's journey in search of the truth' Rachel Hore
'Fascinating and unputdownable' Trisha Ashley
'A fabulous story of people, places and pearls from a master storyteller' Lancashire Post
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    So good


  • Laiba Bugtihat Zitat gemachtvor 7 Monaten
    Isn’t it beautiful? So blue, so calm, and the sun is like a golden ball.’
  • Laiba Bugtihat Zitat gemachtvor 7 Monaten
    Flora needed space to be alone with her grief.
  • Haouari Mayssamhat Zitat gemachtletztes Jahr
    this publication may be reprodu
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