Neil Humphreys

Scribbles from the Same Island

Not rich, doesn’t own a condo, and doesn’t have any expat privileges, but nonetheless he manages to remain the same funny bloke happily living in the heartlands of Toa Payoh. One year after his best-selling Notes From An Even Smaller Island had the whole of Singapore laughing helplessly; Neil Humphreys is still madly in love with his humble but stimulating existence on this sunny island. So much, in fact, that he now makes a living poking gentle fun at every oddball aspect of Singaporean life. In this highly anticipated sequel, the columnist with The Straits Times Newspaper unleashes a fresh selection from his popular pieces, with additional witty material on all the little wonders we have come to take for granted. Expect to find more of his take on SPG, sex, doctors, toilets, fare cards …… all seemingly innocuous subjects but made hilarious through his witty observations. ‘Scribbles From The Same Island’ is a collection of Neil Humphreys’ column that was first published in WEEKEND TODAY on life in Singapore. Also included are several short stories specially written for this book. The 38 pieces of writing take a humourous look at how a foreigner adapts and copes with life in the lion city as well as the regular Singaporean’s reaction to his behaviour.
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