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Summary: Talent is overrated Geoff Colvin

This ebook offers a summary of the book “Talent is overrated” by Geoff Colvin. Talent is not born, it is made, argues Geoff Colvin. Outstanding performance is based on what researchers call “deliberate practice” – activities worldleaders do to achieve at the highest level. Others may begin deliberate practice, but give up, whilst key performers persist. It follows, therefore, that highachievement is possible for everyone, if they practice in the right way.

Colvin suggests there are 5 key elements to deliberate practice: 1. That it's repeated; 2. That feedback is continuously available; 3. That it's highly demanding mentally and that 4. It's not always fun. There are a myriad of ways that deliberate practice is beneficial, including being able to anticipate better (because they have more experience), seeing indicators that others miss and being more innovative.

Talent is Overrated also advises on how best to apply deliberate practice to organisations. Good managers should identify talent early, and nurture so that people hone their skills (and stay). Good managers also understand that the workplace must have high morale and be given the mental space to think. Colvin has written an inspiring book: Talent is Overrated is useful on a personal level – how can you best meet your longterm goals? – but also for corporations looking to fulfill their potential.
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