Ph.D.Wendy P.Basil,Sherry Klinger

SPINOLOGY: Transform Your Media Spin Into Business Gold

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Spinology: Transform Your Media Spin Into Business Gold
Includes the breakthrough field of In-Depth Public Relations™. Our expanding media universe has opened up infinite possibilities for the person or enterprise seeking coverage for a product, company, or cause. While technological and geographical boundaries seem to have melted away, businesses still must find a pathway to the human psyche if they want their messages to influence behavior and ultimately push the "buy button" in the brain. Authors Sherry Klinger, a renowned branding and PR expert, and Dr. Wendy Basil, a popular Business and Media Psychologist and University Professor, combine the latest neuromarketing research and years of successful business experience to introduce a new method of branding and promotion called In-Depth Public Relations™. Using fairy tales as an ideal model, they demonstrate, in a simple and entertaining style, how to create a narrative with psychological elements that will ensure your story becomes irresistible. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a newcomer to marketing and PR, a corporate CEO, or an experienced communications professional, this book is for you. Read this book to learn the secrets to: * getting your story told through the media and reaching your buying audience everywhere-without paying a dime for it * making anything or anyone famous and familiar * creating compelling campaigns that change popular culture and become trendsetters * influencing buying decisions * applying simple, brain-based techniques and tools like the i-DPR Index™ to gain worldwide media coverage in print, broadcast, and digital media * the success behind one of the authors' very own business ventures that began on a shoestring budget and transformed into a mega-million-dollar enterprise within 18 months-and how you can do it, too. Spinology: Transform Your Media Spin Into Business Gold is the one book you need to read to supercharge your campaigns for greater levels of success than you ever imagined! The New Psychological Media Spin to Help You Win Every Time
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