Pulp Literature Spring 2019, Robert Silverberg, Mel Anastasiou, JM Landels
Robert Silverberg,Mel Anastasiou,JM Landels

Pulp Literature Spring 2019

In this issue: View mortality and morality through a different set of eyes with a classic SF story from Robert Silverberg and a brand-new one from Leo X Robertson; take a timeless bus ride with JTF King; visit 1930s Hollywood with Mel Anastasiou; experience dizzy heights in a comic collaboration from Matthew Nielson and Minna Hakkola; spin in a dangerous dance with Susan Pieters and Cheryl Wolner; hear the danger and magic in music with Kathryn Yelinek and JM Landels; and find gods, devils, and angels in poetry from Heather Christle, David Ly, and Mary Willis, all under the tantalizing cover Purple Siren by Herman Lau.
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