Raymond Chandler

The Big Sleep

The Big Sleep (1939) is a hardboiled crime novel by Raymond Chandler, the first to feature detective Philip Marlowe. The work has been adapted twice into film, once in 1946 and again in 1978. The story is set in Los Angeles, California and is noted for its complexity, with many characters double-crossing one another and many secrets being exposed throughout the narrative. The title is a euphemism for death; it refers to a rumination in the final pages of the book about “sleeping the big sleep.” In 1999, the book was voted ninety-sixth of Le Monde's “100 Books of the Century”. In 2005, it was included in “TIME's List of the 100 Best Novels.”
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    Marlowe is so unapologetic
    But beware, the book is a little lost in time without outdated slang

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    Over the entrance doors, which would have let in a troop of Indian elephants, there was a broad stained-glass panel showing a
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    “Tsk, tsk,” I said, not moving at all. “Such a lot of guns around town and so few brains. You’re the second guy I’ve met within hours who seems to think a gat in the hand means a world by the tail. Put it down and don’t be silly, Joe.”
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    in the wheel chair an old and obviously dying man watched us come with black eyes from which all fire had died long ago, but which still had the coal-black directness of the eyes in the portrait that hung above the mantel in the hail.

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