Christian D.Larson

How To Stay Young

The power of genius demands a young, vigorous personality if it is to give full expression to the highest order of mental brilliancy. It is only a fine instrument that can respond to a fine mind, but to be fine, the instrument must contain the qualities of youth.

The greatest obstacle to extraordinary talent and rare genius is the tendency of the brain to ossify with the passing of the years; and the cause of this tendency is found wholly in the age-producing process. This process, however, will disappear when we learn to stay young.

When we learn to stay young the passing of the years will not decrease the brilliancy of the mind, nor cause the power of genius to wane ; instead, every active faculty will become greater and greater the longer we may continue to live.

This is the annotated edition including an essay about the author and the New Thought Movement in Cincinnati, which he founded.
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