Lucy Scott

Mindful Thoughts for City Dwellers

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«This engaging book helps town-bound readers discover the joys of urban living.» — DAILY MAIL
«A quirky guide to the greener side of the capital, offers stories and advice on how to find nature and comradeship in the sometimes-isolating and always hectic metropolis.» — Elle Decoration
«Lucy Anna Scott advocates getting out to the nearest available natural feature of the city.»
«Lucy Anna Scott outlines simple ways to find moments of calm in our often chaotic urban lives.» — Square Mile

«Have this gem of a book by your bedside for quietening your thoughts and be that better person who takes life at a more considered pace.» Little Bird: An Insider's Guide to London
Mindful Thoughts for City Dwellers explores how spiritually nourishing living in a metropolis can be, offering its urban occupants an inspiring energy and a special kind of humanity.
Part of the Mindful Thoughts series, this lovingly illustrated little book meditates on all aspects of city life, including: Noticing natureEmbracing chaosThe joy of small livingResourcefulnessRevelling in changeNight walksConnecting with community. . . and much more It is often assumed that cities are terrible places for our spiritual and mental health but this could not be further from the truth. Through 25 focused thoughts, Lucy Anna Scott shows how cities are enriching, inventive, ever-evolving and endlessly social; providing a togetherness that is a powerful force for wellbeing. This is an inspiring read for anyone that lives or works in a city, that is moving to one or has fallen out of love with one.
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