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P. G. Wodehouse

Aunts Aren't Gentlemen

The curious case of the Maiden Eggesford Horror.
When the doctor advises Bertie to live the quiet life, he and Jeeves head for the pure air and peace of Maiden Eggesford. However, they hadn't reckoned on Bertie's irrepressible but decidedly scheming Aunt Dahlia around whom an imbroglio of impressive proportions develops involving The Cat Which Kept Popping Up When Least Expected. As Bertie observes, whatever aunts are, they are not gentlemen.
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  • Mita Rungtahat einen Ersteindruck geteiltvor 2 Jahren

    If read leisurely, it is LOL funny in parts. As usual a P.G. Wodehouse book is relaxed and humorous. Nothing too serious ever happens in Wodehouse's world.

  • vminocha khat einen Ersteindruck geteiltvor 7 Jahren


  • Amna Najamhat einen Ersteindruck geteiltvor 7 Jahren

    Loved every line of it.amusingly hilarious


  • Daniel Montgomeryhat Zitat gemachtvor 7 Jahren
    My attention was drawn to the spots on my chest when I was in my bath, singing, if I remember rightly, the Toreador song from the opera Carmen. They were pink in colour, rather like the first faint flush of dawn, and I viewed them with concern. I am not a fussy man, but I do object to being freckled like a pard, as I once heard Jeeves describe it, a pard, I take it, being something in the order of one of those dogs beginning with d.
    'Jeeves,' I said at the breakfast table, 'I've got spots on my chest.'
    'Indeed, sir?'
    'Indeed, sir?'
    'I don't like them.'
    'A very understandable prejudice, sir. Might I enquire if they itch?'
    'Sort of.'
    'I would not advocate scratching them.'
    'I disagree with you. You have to take a firm line with spots. Remember what the poet said.'
    'The poet Ogden Nash. The poem he wrote defending the practice of scratching. Who was Barbara Frietchie, Jeeves?'
    'A lady of some prominence in the American war between the States, sir.'
    'A woman of strong character? One you could rely on?'
    'So I have always understood, sir.'
    'Well, here's what the poet Nash wrote. "I'm greatly attached to Barbara Frietchie. I'll bet she scratched when she was itchy." But I shall not be content with scratching. I shall place myself in the hands of a competent doctor.'
  • loriewesthat Zitat gemachtvor 7 Jahren
    'The ultimate in comfort reading because nothing bad ever happens in P.G. Wodehouse land. Or even if it does, it's always sorted out by the end of the book. For as long as I'm immersed in a P.G. Wodehouse book, it's possible to keep the real world at bay and live in a far, far nicer, funnier one where happy endings are the order of the day' Marian Keyes
  • Afyina Asmawihat Zitat gemachtvor 2 Jahren
    Indeed, sir?'
    'Indeed, sir?'
    'I don't like them.'

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