Nicholas Kotar

Raven Son

“Blending European folklore and epic fantasy, Kotar is a brilliant new voice in speculative fiction!” — Miles Cameron, bestselling author of the Traitor Son Cycle
In The Song of the Sirin, Voran, a young warrior of Vasyllia, seeks a miraculous cure for his dying city. As his quest falters, he is faced with an impossible question: what if the only way to save his world… is to let it be destroyed?
In The Curse of the Raven, Llun, a swordmith with an artist's heart, forges an object of great power that can heal thousands… or lead to a war that will never end.
In The Heart of the World, Khaidu, a crippled girl in a society with no place for the weak, plunges into the great struggle for the heart of the world. But can she find the strength to heal the world before it dies?
Readers have called the Raven Son series “The Lord of the Rings meets 1984.” If you enjoy traditional fantasy, cinematic world-building, and creative twists on mythology, you'll love Nicholas Kotar's sweeping tale.
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