Gayle Martz

No Pet Left Behind

A comprehensive guide to traveling with your furry (or feathery or scaly) friend, whether across town or across the world.
Never leave your pet behind again!
Life is much more fulfilling when you take your pet with you. Whether around town or around the world, well-behaved pets are welcome many places. If your pet is of the fur, feather, or scale variety, within the pages of this indispensable guide you will:discover a bounty of pet-friendly solutions, destinations, hotels, and airlineslearn the dos and don’ts of car, taxi, subway, plane, and bus travelfind out what vaccinations and papers your pet will need for traveling abroadget the scoop on how to create a first-aid kit for your pet, and much more!
Gayle Martz, former flight attendant and founder of the Sherpa Pet Trading Company, uses her years of experience to create this useful guide to traveling with your pet.
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