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Concise Dictionary of Phrases

Ever wonder where expressions such as mind your p's and q's, chip on his shoulder, living high on the hog, or the whole nine yards exactly mean? This Dictionary of Phrases will help you stop wondering. This dictionary is a collection of expressions that are currently in use. After going through the book, you would know that phrases add to liveliness in conversations.
What is a phrase in the first place? A phrase is a sequence of two or more words that form a meaningful combination in a sentence; and is preceded and followed by pauses. Of course, we also use the word phrase to refer to a short group of words that have a particular meaning when they are used together, such as rain cats and dogs, play for time, or a square meal. This type of phrase is often referred to as an idiom.
How are phrases useful? They are handy when stuck for an alternative turn of phrase that you haven't already used? This Dictionary of Phrases unblocks you with ideas to choose from. Suppose you are writing about 'air, you might look for phrases on 'air'.
Who would benefit reading this dictionary? School and college students besides many journalists, copywriters, and songwriters will find it an invaluable resource when looking for that elusive turn of phrase. Speakers and writers can polish their works to make presentation livelier.
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    Read, understand and learn as many as you can to speak and write better English, and improve as well as enrich your vocabulary.
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    In linguistics, a phrase is a group of words (or sometimes a single word) that form a constituent, and so function as a single unit in the syntax of a sentence
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    What are Phrases?

    In everyday speech, a phrase may refer to any group of words.
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