Jane Isaac

In the Shadows

'Isaac twists terror with fear and confusion and I couldn't put it down' Rebecca Bradley
'[A] perfectly plotted thriller' Anne CoatesIn the suburban town of Hampton, the peaceful night air is shattered by the sound of gunfire. Outside a local pub, five are feared dead and the murderer has fled the scene.
DCI Helen Lavery works alongside the counter terrorism unit to investigate. Who is behind the mass shooting? Why target this town?
Meanwhile, Helen is preparing for the trial of Chilli Franks, an organised crime boss who has a grudge against her family. But when Chilli’s nephew befriends her son, and suggestions are made about Chilli’s involvement in the shooting, past fears clash with the present.
Under the spotlight of the world’s media, Helen finds herself in a race against time to solve the case, protect her family and track down the killer before they strike again.
'An authentic, powerful and gripping police procedural' Joy Kluver
'Jane Isaac's finest novel yet; an addictive page-turner. DCI Lavery is an outstanding creation' Michael Wood
'Brimming with tension, suspense and colourful characters' A A Chaudhuri
DCI Helen Lavery
Book 1: An Unfamiliar Murder
Book 2: The Truth Will Out
Book 3: A Deathly Silence
Book 4: Evil Intent
Book 5: In the Shadows
DI Will Jackman
Book 1: Before It's Too Late
Book 2: Beneath the Ashes
Book 3: The Lies Within
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