The Sincere Seeker

The Sacred Path to Islam

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Do you want to find and understand your Life's Purpose?

Do you want to find your Creator and build a closer, more meaningful relationship with Him?

Do you want to know the true Message of God and learn the religion that He prescribed to you so you be guided?

This book has been written to help you achieve all of this!

Islam is the only religion that God has prescribed to humanity. Following the teachings of Islam will guide you to your Creator, provide you with a content, meaningful, fulfilled life in this world, and earn you Paradise in the afterlife. Submit to your Creator and join the religion of peace followed by around a quarter of the world's population.

This book, The Sacred Path to Islam; Understanding Islam Made Easy, reflects upon the message of this sometimes controversial religion and what it means to be a Muslim, with chapters covering:

An overview of the religion of Islam

Allah (God) & the Holy Quran

God's Messengers, Prophets & Past Nations

Prophet Muhammad PBUH

Muslims & Non-Muslims

What is the Purpose of Life?

Hadith & Sunnah

Articles of Faith & Pillars of Islam

Monotheism, Angels, God's Scriptures, Judgement Day

Prayers, Zakat, Fasting in Ramadan, & Hajj

The Concepts of Shirk (Polytheism), Jihad, Hijab, Hellfire, Jannah (Paradise), and Jesus Christ (Messiah) in Islam

How to Convert to Islam

And much more…

This book's ultimate purpose is to provide you with a new way of thinking that will get you to realize you were created with a purpose and bring you ever closer to the Creator. Through sharing the wisdom, inspiration, and beauty of the Holy Quran and Islam, you will discover that no man or group of men could not have produced this and that the Message of the Quran and Islam could have only come from Higher Power.

May your journey to the answer and the truth be pleasant and successful.

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