Martine McDonagh

Narcissism for Beginners

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2018 People’s Book Prize Finalist

Longlisted for the 2017 Guardian Not the Booker Prize
Meet Sonny Anderson: budding author, ex-meth-head, neurotic and Shaun of the Dead obsessive. Sonny doesn’t remember his mother because when he was five, his father kidnapped him from his home in Scotland and took him to live on a commune in the Brazilian outback.
Since the age of eleven, he has lived in Southern California with his enigmatic guardian, Thomas — but on his twenty-first birthday he receives a gift that will throw his life wildly off course, all over again.
Armed with five mysterious letters and a list of addresses, Sonny musters the courage to return to the UK and finally learn the truth about his childhood. As the story of his past unravels, though, he's less sure it's the truth he wants to hear.
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  • Yaroslav Kachurahat Zitat gemachtvor 5 Jahren
    woke up that morning I turned twenty-one I’d decided it was probably time to man up, grow some cojones. So instead of scuttling off to my room I sat back, took a couple deep breaths and a couple more bites from my butty (do you think about me biting someone’s ass when I say that? I do) to get back in balance, to overthrow old habits, and then I dove my hand right back into the bag and pulled out the next gift.
  • Yaroslav Kachurahat Zitat gemachtvor 5 Jahren
    And don’t try to enchant me with your manner of dress
    ’Cause a monkey in silk is a monkey no less
    So measure for measure reflect on my said
    And when I won’t see ya
    Then measure it dead.

    ‘Like Janis’, Rodriguez

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