Reverse Innovation in Health Care, Vijay Govindarajan, Ravi Ramamurti
Vijay Govindarajan,Ravi Ramamurti

Reverse Innovation in Health Care

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Two experts in reverse innovation reveal four different pathways for providing value-based health care and show how these, and other revolutionary practices from India, are being adopted in areas across the United States.Reveals how some far-sighted US providers are practicing health care delivery innovations similar to those in originating in India, illustrating how reverse innovation is helping to transform US health care.Presents 7 Indian “exemplars” and shows how they have created a breakthrough business model to consistently deliver high-quality health care at low cost.Explains how these Indian providers are practicing the kind of value-based competition advocated by Michael Porter and Elizabeth Teisberg in their book Redefining Health Care, and how these practices are being adopted in the US context, without regulatory mandates or system-wide reforms.
Audience:Executives of health care organizations around the world, health insurance companies, and Fortune 500 companies that develop drugs, medical devices, and new procedures, and biotech firmsStartups in Silicon Valley and elsewhere looking to disrupt existing practices in the health care sectorHealth care policymakersAcademics and consultants working in health care
Announced first printing: 15,000
Laydown goal: 4,000
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