Carla McKay

The Folly of French Kissing

After being innocently embroiled in a school scandal, teacher Judith Hay decides there is only one thing she can do: leave Britain. The small village of Vevey in Languedoc near Montpellier seems the perfect answer. Life is cheap and the views are pretty. Vevey, however, may well be the French answer to St Mary's Mead, hiding an abundance of vice behind its pretty facades. Soon, she meets her fellow expats and something seems odd. It appears that many escaped Britain for their own, dark, reasons rather than for the sunny climate. Behind their somber faces, even the French seem furtive, and still harbour Nazi secrets. There is one local expat in particular, Gerald, who makes her shudder. If he is really as depraved as she thinks he is, his evil plans hatched with a local Frenchman will need to be stopped
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