No Matter the Wreckage, Sarah Kay
Sarah Kay

No Matter the Wreckage

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Following the success of her breakout poem, Sarah Kay releases her debut collection of poetry featuring work from the first decade of her career. No Matter the Wreckage presents readers with new and beloved work that showcases Kay's knack for celebrating family, love, travel, history, and unlikely love affairs between inanimate objects («Toothbrush to the Bicycle Tire»), among other curious topics. Both fresh and wise, Kay's poetry allows readers to join in on her journey of discovering herself and the world around her. It's an honest and powerful collection.
From the Back Cover«Sarah Kay is a fearsomely open and generous talent. In this collection she will give you moments so intimate and beautifully rendered you will come to know them as your own. An unalloyed joy from beginning to end.»--Lin-Manuel Miranda, Tony Award-winning composer-lyricist of Broadway's In the Heights
«Nowhere have I found such humble honesty laced with such beauty. Nowhere, such boundless grace. Sarah Kay writes with a particular and rare magic, evoking emotions we may have forgotten we possess. No Matter the Wreckage is both spare and dense, uproarious and healing. An enchanting collection, imbued with courage, wisdom, lament, and triumph.»--Jeanann Verlee, Author of Racing Hummingbirds
About the Author

Sarah Kay is a poet from New York City. Her filmed performances have garnered well over twelve million views online and, as a widely sought-after touring poet, she has been invited to share her work on such diverse stages as the 2011 TED Conference in Long Beach, California; the Malthouse Theater in Melbourne, Australia; and Joe's Pub in New York City, among hundreds of other venues.  A passionate educator, Sarah Kay performs and teaches poetry in classrooms and communities around the world.
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Rishika Dembani
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Oh, Brother. No matter your wreckage.

There will be someone to find you beautiful,

despite the cruddy metal. Your ruin is not to be hidden

behind paint and canvas. Let them see the cracks.

Someone will come to sing into these empty spaces.

Their voice will echo off your insides like a second-grader

and her little brother—four years younger, two steps ahead.

Singing ‘til the metal vibrates. ‘Til the ghost ship
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