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Jay Martel

Channel Blue

'Skip the blurbs and just start reading this very funny book' MICHAEL MOORE.

Earth used to be Galaxy Entertainment's most lucrative show. The inhabitants of the Western Galaxy — the saviest, richest demographic in the Milky Way — just couldn't get enough of the day-to-day details of the average Earthling's life.

But Channel Blue's ratings are flagging and its producers are planning a spectacular finale. In just three weeks, their TV show will go out with a bang. The trouble is, so will Earth.

Only one man can save our planet and he's hardly a likely hero…
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    ‘Who’s the Gardener?’ he asked
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    Our research shows that you appeal to every single demographic, right across the board. I haven’t seen anything like that since Jeffrey Dahmer
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    Perry recognised the music. It was an instrumental version of ‘Suspicious Minds’

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