Sylvia Plath: Drawings, Sylvia Plath, Frieda Hughes
Sylvia Plath,Frieda Hughes

Sylvia Plath: Drawings

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Sylvia Plath: Drawings is a portfolio of pen-and-ink illustrations created during the transformative period spent at Cambridge University, when Plath met and secretly married poet Ted Hughes, and traveled with him to Paris and Spain on their honeymoon, years before she wrote her seminal work, The Bell Jar.
Throughout her life, Sylvia Plath cited art as her deepest source of inspiration. This collection sheds light on these key years in her life, capturing her exquisite observations of the world around her. It includes Plath’s drawings from England, France, Spain, and New England, featuring such subjects as Parisian rooftops, trees, and churches, as well as a portrait Ted Hughes.
Sylvia Plath: Drawings includes letters and diary entries that add depth and context to the great poet’s work, as well as an illuminating introduction by her daughter, Frieda Hughes.
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I very much like having both volumes available, as my father’s edition is influenced by his own preferences and what I consider to be his incredibly astute editorial eye, whereas my mother’s edition is very much a work in progress, halted in its evolution at the point of her death.
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and please the lord let there be three more quarter centuries all blessed by your presence, come day, come night, come hurricane and holocaust . . .

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