Rebecca Strong

Here Or There

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The extraordinary and the mundane collide as eleven strangers make fateful choices that alter each other’s lives in this thought-provoking novel.
This enigmatic novel follows eleven seemingly unconnected individuals as they move through their day-to-day existences, each finding themselves at moments of uncertainty, nostalgia, insecurity, and, above all, longing for a different life. From a chocolate factory worker with a secret past to a businessman who experiences a strange commute on the London Underground, the choices they make will set off an increasingly surprising sequence of events.
As these characters' lives begin to intersect, often without their knowledge, far-reaching consequences prevail, leading some to the extreme act of committing murder. Yet—even after this potent search for better, more fulfilling lives—has each person ended up where they really want to be?
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    She got a job in a bookshop, surrounded by the vinegary smell of pages never turned, and before long became part of the furniture.
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    Desire can always be split into two. The things you desire, by their very nature, are never the things you have. Although the things you have are still desired, still things you appreciate – when you take the time to remember. Desire will always disappoint you, in the end. For what you want is never as good as the wanting itself.

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