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Eleanor Brown

Any Other Family

A rare, funny and poignant novel celebrating the beauty of OPEN ADOPTION and NON-TRADITIONAL FAMILIES.They look just like any other family… but between the four children there are THREE sets of parents who committed to an open adoption of biological siblings, keeping the children connected after the death of their grandmother.
Tabitha the planner of the group, is insistent that everything happens just so. Quiet single mother Ginger resists the forced togetherness, and newest mother Elizabeth is still reeling from going directly from failed fertility treatments into adopting a newborn.
But when the three women receive a surprising call from their children’s birth mother, announcing she is pregnant again and wants them to help her find an adoptive family for this child too, the delicate bonds they are still struggling to form threaten to collapse. As tensions start to rise on their joint family holiday, the three women reckon with their own feelings about what it means to be a mother and what they owe each other as a family.
The New York Times bestselling author of The Weird Sisters returns with a striking and intimate new novel about three very different women facing an impossible question: what makes a family?
'Brown has a sure hand in portraying the adoptive women; their smart, lively dialogue sparks as the characters try to define the boundaries of a family' Publishers' Weekly
'A prismatic story of family, adoption, and how the people we choose to keep close shape who we are' Kirkus
'Explores what it means to be a family, in all its messy complication' Christina Baker Kline
'Brown brings compassion and insight to exploring the hopes and vulnerability that make us first human, then family' Isabel Costello
'A beautifully written, elegantly assembled exploration of the joys and complications of family, any family, no matter what it looks like' Laurie Frankel
'I adored this story' Prima
'Smart, original, wholly satisfying' Elinor Lipman
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    ewqfhat Zitat gemachtvor 14 Tagen
    e adoptive women; their smart, lively dialogue sparks as the characters try to define the boun


    ewqfhat Zitat gemachtvor 14 Tagen
    Laurie Frankel, New York Times bestselling author of This Is How It Always Is

    ‘[Eleanor Brown] writes relationships within families so well. I adore
    Mar Quehat Zitat gemachtvor 10 Monaten
    There is a strange trick of adoptive motherhood, she has found, a necessary blindness to the bifurcation of your child’s life. If you spend all your time thinking about the life your child might have lived, how things might have been different if they stayed with their birth family, you will rob them of the life they are living, and drive yourself crazy to boot

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