Once for All Time, Betty Neels
Betty Neels

Once for All Time

Clotilde Collins has worked with Dr. James Thackery at busy St. Alma's Hospital in London for three years, but she's never considered their relationship as anything more than solidly professional.
Then tragedy strikes and James steps in to take charge of Clotilde's shattered world, offering her his unhesitating comfort and support.
How easy it would be to fall in love with him. Except he's already committed to another woman….
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crossed the landing and were ushered out into the wide corridor connecting the men’s and women’s medical blocks. Clotilde stood and watched them go, Dr Thackery towering over his companions, his head a little bent, deep in thought. He really needs a wife, thought Clotilde, then wondered why on earth she had thought that.
She spent the next hour with Sally Wood, making notes, seeing that the right forms went to the right departments, making sure that the instructions she had received were passed on, and by the time that was done the patients’ dinners had arrived and they both went into the ward and served the complicated diets suitable for ulcers, heart failures, kidney disease and diabetes, and that done, Clotilde left Sally to dish out the puddings while she went from bed to bed, making sure that the ladies under her care were eating their dinners, listening patiently to complaints, encouraging poor appetites, laughing at the jokes some of the convalescent ladies were making in their cheerful Cockney voices

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