Patrick Forsyth

BSS: Surviving Office Politics. Coping and succeeding in the workplace jungle

Lying, cheating, manipulating, conniving, backstabbing, and schmoozing. And don’t forget falsifying, scheming, and even sleeping with someone. All of these go on in the workplace. And we all know someone who is engaged in using devious tactics to further their own career. If you think you can just “work hard” without paying attention to politics, then think again. Politics happens – whether you want to admit it or not. But politicking need not always be bad. You may think that politics is something that only manipulative, self-serving types engage in. But politicking merely describes the act of scrutinising relationships and learning how to influence others more effectively. It is merely a tool. Some people will choose to influence others to further their own devious ends, while others will influence for the good of themselves and the organisation. So here is the definitive answer to engaging with office politics to further your own career in a positive fashion– and deal with the Machiavellian types and pre-empt their efforts.
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    Never cut off options until you have to.
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    In this respect—if not always in others—they are decisive
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    If you see a moment when it is right to demand the earth with a 100 per cent chance of success, seize the moment; and let the rest of us know when such a moment may occur
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