Personality Types: Borderline Personality Disorders, Kaitlin Penley
Kaitlin Penley

Personality Types: Borderline Personality Disorders

Personality Types: Borderline Personality Disorders by Kaitlin Penley is an introductory book that invites you to explore the subjective theories and unique traits intermingled to create your unique personality. Understanding who you are is also going to help you recognize, diagnose and seek professional treatment for any personality disorder you may suspect. Knowledge IS everything!

Stimulating … Vivacious … Energetic … Protective … Alluring … Dazzling …
What's your personality?

Outstanding highlights inside are:
* 16 Personalities Explained
* Personality Issues
* Tips to Improve Personality
* Borderline Personality Disorders
* Myths and Truths
* And So Much More!

Understanding your personality is going to help build confidence, relieve stress, improve relationships and better relate with others on all levels; business, romantic, family and social.

Let's get started!
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