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Mary Greer Conklin

Conversation / What to Say and How to Say it

Does the mere thought of engaging in small talk strike fear into your heart? Do you ever steer clear of social events just so you'll be able to avoid the awkward silence that inevitably descends when you run out of chit-chat? If so, you need the comprehensive and straightforward advice that Mary Greer Conklin dispenses in Conversation: What to Say and How to Say It. A must-read for shy or socially challenged readers.
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    Without the personal interest in the affairs of others which makes gossip possible, there would be no fellowship or warmth in life; social intercourse and conversation would be inhuman and lifeless.
  • Chuks freshhat Zitat gemachtletzten Monat
    'Coquetting with an echo,' Carlyle called it. For, tho it may make a man feel mentally masterful at first, it makes him feel mentally maudlin at last; and, as the Abbé says, to be bored one's self is a sure sign that one's companion is also weary."
  • Chuks freshhat Zitat gemachtletzten Monat
    At any rate, it is not unusual to find a hostess busying herself with attempts to agree with all that is said, with the idea that she is thereby doing homage to the effeminate categorical imperative of etiquette, when in reality nothing becomes more quickly tiresome than incessant affirmatives, no matter how pleasantly they are modulated. Nor can one avoid one of two conclusions when one's talk is thus negligently agreed to: either the speaker is confining herself entirely to incontradictable platitudes, or the listener has no mind of her own; and in either case silence were golden. In this connection it were well to recall the really brilliant epigram of the Abbé de Saint-Réal, that 'On s'ennuie presque toujours avec ceux que l'on ennuie.' For not even a lover can fail to be bored at last by the constant lassitude of assent expressing itself in twin sentiments to his own.

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