Agathe Singer

Anywhere, Anytime Art: Gouache

Learn how to create vibrant paintings with this reworkable opaque paint. Subjects include a harlequin pattern, city rooftops, a nocturnal cat—and more.
Gouache paint has a long history, but it’s often associated with watercolor and multimedia art. Until now, that is! Trendy artists with large social-media followings are reinvigorating gouache, making this the ideal time to add this medium to your toolbox . . . or start your art journey with it!
Like the other books in the Anywhere, Anytime Art series, Gouache explores this medium in a portable, approachable, and contemporary way. Basic painting topics, such as tools and materials, techniques, and color theory, are presented in an easy-to-read, visual style. The subsequent step-by-step projects focus on various subjects that artists can find anywhere, whether they’re home or out and about. Artists can learn to paint their favorite things, including plants, flowers, cats, patterns, and more.
Anywhere, Anytime Art: Gouache is filled with vibrant, colorful artwork that’s sure to inspire any artist to give gouache a try and get out there and paint!
“Inventive and colorful.” —Arts & Activities
“For the artist that is willing to begin an artistic journey and try out a new medium, this book is ideal.” —GeekDad
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