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Chanakya Nithi Kautilaya Arthashastra

This book gives a vivid description of Chanakya's doctrines, as written in his famous book, Arthashastra. The entire content has been taken from the original book but simplified and explained in an easy language for the common man. There are 17 chapters in the book containing the true essence of an ideal administrative system, the duties and responsibilities of an able ruler, how to become an efficient ruler, how to govern, the basic principles of a good government, how to strengthen the political and physical boundaries of a kingdom/government, how to increase the wealth of a kingdom/government or improve its economy and bring forth prosperity, which is relevant even today for good governance.
There are also salient and interesting incidents from Chanakya's life along with attractive illustrations to make the book all the more eye-catching and reader-friendly. The best part of the book is that the author has beautifully tried to connect and relate the various philosophies of Kautilya with our daily life activities, problems and situations. So readers, just don't miss reading the book!
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    Subeesh Sudhakaranhat Zitat gemachtvor 5 Jahren
    then a lot of time and effort can be saved.
    Effect: If you elect the eminent one, you can be content, but if you elect an ordinary one, then always you will live in confusion.
    Subeesh Sudhakaranhat Zitat gemachtvor 5 Jahren
    Tension and burden can be reduced by industry and intelligence. If the human processes are not strong and action oriented then much needs to be done but if it is strong and industrious
    Subeesh Sudhakaranhat Zitat gemachtvor 5 Jahren
    Eminent men will duly learn and understand the kind of actions fit to be performed and not fit to be performed and the actions which result in fortune or misfortune.
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