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Born and raised in the projects of Richmond, Virginia, Derick Richards life is changed and his destiny to become a federal agent is forged at an early age when he witnesses the untimely death of his older brother and father figure, Carlo, at the hands of a up and coming drug dealer. In the years that follow, he works tirelessly at accomplishing his goal of becoming an agent with the Bureau. Upon graduating from college, he is inducted into the organization and excels at infiltrating and bringing down the drug crews and dealers that he hates with a passion! It is Derick's skill for fitting in with the street element that brings him to the attention of his superiors, who quickly transfer him from Charlotte, North Carolina to New York City, where his new assignment is to enter one of the largest and most deadly criminal organizations ever. However, when Derick takes the assignment to bring down the Black Tar Boyz, neither he nor the FBI will know just how deep he goes undercover and how e
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  • Shania Bre'Naehat Zitat gemachtvor 6 Jahren
    Not long after Derrick discovered the DEA
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