Jennifer Gargiulo

Diary of An Expat in Singapore

This hilarious new book records the tongue-in-cheek journey of an expat in Singapore, told through vignettes, snapshots and Top 10 lists: “10 sure signs you’re in a Singapore taxi”; “Things first-time visitors to Singapore say”; “10 signs you’ve overstayed”; “Politically-incorrect expat profiling by nationality”; and many more. Based on the author Jennifer Gargiulo’s popular blog of the same name, Diary of an Expat in Singapore packs in a wealth of quirky observations, witty one-liners, and laugh-out-loud misunderstandings as the author tries to adjust to life in a strange new land and raise two kids while at it. Marvel as Jennifer enlists the help of her young son, Alexander (who learns Chinese at school), to find out what her hairdressers are saying about her at the salon! Expats will share many of the experiences of the author told in this book, but few will have heard them told with more humour and flair. And Singaporeans will also find much to enjoy and laugh over, when local customs and foibles are seen anew through the author’s eyes
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  • Anna Prikhodkohat Zitat gemachtvor 9 Jahren
    The only time you can wear your favourite jeans or sweater is at the movies (where it feels like winter in Alaska).
  • Anna Prikhodkohat Zitat gemachtvor 9 Jahren
    Blame it on the 12-hour time difference. Travelling there and back is no picnic either. The 24-hour trip is nothing compared to the massive jet lag, which will hit you like a sledgehammer.
  • Anna Prikhodkohat Zitat gemachtvor 9 Jahren
    You welcome 11 pm conference calls with California… not really.

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