Lovelyn Bettison

The Psychic

Traumatized by her past but hoping for a happy ending, can one medium cope when her feigned second sight becomes spectacularly authentic?
Cheryl is barely getting by. Struggling to find clients after escaping an abusive relationship, the tarot reader still feels she’s helping folks… even if she doesn’t actually believe in the paranormal. But when a desperate man badgers her into clearing his haunted house, the fake fortune teller is terrified when she discovers she can suddenly see real ghosts.
Uncertain if the spirits trailing her are malevolent or misunderstood, Cheryl flees in panic. But with her business on the rocks and the handsome guy refusing to leave her alone, the determined woman resolves to get to the eerie truth.
Can the reluctant clairvoyant conquer her fears and embark on a new beginning?
The Psychic is the suspenseful first book in the Suncoast Paranormal thriller series. If you like quirky characters, sinister themes, and shivers of romance, then you’ll adore Lovelyn Bettison’s graveyard gambol.
Buy The Psychic to delight in dark divinations today!
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