Summary and Analysis of Thinking, Fast and Slow, Worth Books
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Summary and Analysis of Thinking, Fast and Slow

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Clashes Between System 1 and System 2:
System 1 monitors what is going on around us by constantly engaging in basic assessments; it believes and confirms what it sees, while System 2 doubts and challenges. System 1 is unable to focus only on the task assigned to it by System 2; inevitably, it performs other basic assessments as well.
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generates an easier question, substitutes it, and answers it. Kahneman defines this as a heuristic: a simple process to find answers to hard questions, even though those answers may not be perfect. Issues arise when the heuristics generated are inadequate substitutes. The mood heuristic is the way the mind substitutes an assessment of a current mood for the more complicated question of general happiness or other emotional assessment. The affect heuristic refers to the way we tend to allow our likes and dislikes to control our beliefs about the world.
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Cognitive ease is the feeling you have when things are generally going well and there is no need for System 2 to intervene.
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