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Discover Bill Granger: 10 Delicious, Taster Recipes from ‘Easy’

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Looking for new inspiration in the kitchen? Try 10 recipes from ‘Easy’, Bill Granger’s new cookbook full of simple, laidback food that bursts with flavour, and fresh, inspiring recipes that use favourite everyday foods.
With short ingredients lists, easy-to-follow methods and an appetising photo for every dish, Bill’s recipes are perfectly suited for those looking for a brilliant digital cookbook.
Great food. Big Flavours. No worries. That’s what restaurateur, working father and champion of no-fuss food, Bill Granger is all about.
Bill takes well-loved and accessible main ingredients — from a chicken breast, fillet of fish, cut of lamb or tin of beans to berries, chocolate and a chunk of good cheese — and offers simple yet original dishes for maximum flavour with minimum effort. This ebook will introduce you to Bill’s simple, delicious food and his infectious easygoing style.
Recipes include:
Chicken Paillard with Spring Onions and Prosciutto
Hoisin Marinated Salmon and Chilli Soy Tenderstem Broccoli
Classic Lamb Stew
Thai-Style Marinated Pork and Chilli Dressing
Lamb Kofta Meatballs in Curry Sauce
Courgette and Tuna Spaghetti
Baked Leek and Goat’s Cheese Risotto
Leek and Spinach Cake
Lemon Pudding Cake with Berries
Cinnamon Chocolate Mousse
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