Relationships, Mark Manson
Mark Manson


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Emotions are what happen while you’re making other plans.
Nastasia Petrova
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When we interact with someone we’re attracted to and it doesn’t go as we’d hoped, we often come away thinking that if only we would have said or done something differently, things could have turned out much better. When we get dumped, we obsessively search our memories for the moments, or even the moment, where it all went wrong, and then we kick ourselves for the things we did or didn’t do in those moments that could have saved it all.
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Everyone exhibits different levels of these emotional needs, and one’s emotional needs can change over time. Many in their early 20’s seek status and fun and partying. In their 30’s, they might prioritize connection and acceptance, and by the time they’re 40, they may have a strong desire for commitment and security. Along the way, they may be willing to compromise on one or more needs in order to satisfy another as their priorities shift

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