Lavas O.Ilkka

Unstoppable Entrepreneurship: What makes you unstoppable? How can an entrepreneur become unstoppable?

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What makes you unstoppable? How can an entrepreneur become unstoppable?
I was 17 years old and would soon finish high school. A friend asked if I knew anyone who could make web pages for his company. “I can!” I said, and scored my first customer. Now at 35, I've been through over ten business transfers, successful times, hard times and even failures. Eighteen years of experience has made me stronger.

Unstoppable entrepreneurship is something that helps people and companies to be more successful. Being unstoppable makes people win again and again. You can learn from successful people and winners, and become, yourself, unstoppable.

I wrote the first draft of this book with my smartphone while in Thailand. The experiences that have taught me the most and the principles that have helped me in my entrepreneurial career are documented here. My hope is that you'll read this book, get new ideas on how to be more successful, and most importantly, find the unstoppable you!

“A young serial entrepreneur's valuable experiences for startups and anyone interested in entrepreneurship. This book is inspirational and brings hope for the future. You can learn from the experiences of others – you don't have to make the same mistakes that others have made.”
– Eero Lehti, honoured businessman, Founder of leading finnish research company Taloustutkimus Ltd “The world needs new entrepreneurs. This book truly captures a young entrepreneur's passion and his ponderings on life values.”
-Juha Koponen, CEO of biggest finnish gaming company Veikkaus Oyj “Attitude! Now we're at the core of success and 'unstoppability' – in decision making and having the guts to set milestones and goals for yourself. Goals are incredibly often realised, so be careful what you wish for!”
-Taneli Tikka, Serial Entrepreneur, TLD Registry Ltd “Ilkka writes about entrepreneurship straight from his heart and backed by strong experience. The findings in this book are useful for international businesses.”
-Jari Soini, Director, Cybercom China
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    The unstoppable you accepts your own limits and is realistic. Being unstoppable is about having strength, keeping life in balance and possessing what we Finns call “sisu” – an emphatic persistence and perseverance – plus the willingness to live life to the fullest.
    You can be unstoppable, if yo
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    Anyone who wants to be unstoppable can be. To do it, you must promote yourself to be the CEO of your own life – to be the boss and in control of you. In other words: you must lead yourself
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    Enjoy the great journey we call life.
    Life is a fight.
    Life is a game.
    As an entrepreneur you know you can be unstoppable.

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