Mission: Adulthood, Hannah Seligson
Hannah Seligson

Mission: Adulthood

Gen Y has been picked apart by analysts, statistics, and trend reports, which often portray 20-somethings in negative, one-dimensional terms like "entitled" and "whiners". In this thought-provoking new book that aims to dispel these stereotypes, journalist Hannah Seligson chronicles the lives of seven individuals who embody this generation, exploring their challenges and ambitions in vivid detail and sketching a picture, through their eyes, of what life is actually like for young adults. Through these first-hand stories, readers will discover the transformational effect this enterprising, open-minded, innovative, and diverse generation is having on society.
“Zeitgeist reporter Hannah Seligson details this new path to adulthood in a book that promises to be illuminating, surprising, and provocative— both for Gen Y readers themselves and for people who want to understand this charming yet sometimes infuriating generation. I need this book. What is “nexting” and “jacked”? —Gretchen Rubin, New York Times Bestselling Author of THE HAPPINESS PROJECT and HAPPIER AT HOME
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