Jill Sanders

The Beckoning

It was to be Breanna’s first day at her dream job as head news anchor, but instead of sitting behind the camera in Atlanta, she finds herself almost a hundred miles away in a small town called Hidden Creek. How did she get here? Why was she standing in the middle of a grocery store? And more importantly, why did the first person she ran into, take one look at her and pass out? What’s even more crazy is, she’d dreamed about all this happening months ago.

Ethan Kincaid was back in the States and held up at his brother Michael’s place with his shoulder in a sling and papers saying he was to take the next six months off. He wasn’t the kind of guy to sit still for long, so naturally, he was going crazy. That, or something really weird was happening to him. Because he had not only seen his brother’s infamous “ghost”, but now the damn thing was actually talking to him.
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