The Little Book of Sex Secrets, Nicole Bailey
Nicole Bailey

The Little Book of Sex Secrets

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Most of us keep our most sizzling sexploits and erotic fantasies to ourselves. Not so Nicole Bailey, who in this sensational read shares spine-tingling sexual confessions, no-holds-barred anecdotes and eye-opening tips to help you rachet up your sex life to another level.

In Chapter 1, 'Naughty', discover the art of seduction as you explore the turn-on of talking dirty, the tender techniques of arousal and thrilling new ways to pleasure your lover. In Chapter 2, 'Sizzling', indulge in supersensual massage and Tantra-style passion, and discover the tantalising secrets of enhancing orgasm. In Chapter 3, 'XX-Rated', boost your sexual confidence by performing a stunning striptease, unleash your wild inner exhibitionist by starring in your very own erotic movie and be truly adventurous by indulging in amazing outdoor sex. And in Chapter 4, 'Ecstatic', soar to new heights of bliss as you explore your body's hidden hotspots through the ultimate orgasmic positions and the excitingly wicked world of power games and bondage techniques.

Packed with superb revealing photographs and astoundingly naughty activities, The Little Book of Sex Secrets is sure to inspire you and your partner to discover sex beyond your wildest dreams!
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b8834951348hat Zitat gemachtvor 4 Jahren
Chair sex is one of the first joys you’ll discover when you get frisky away from the bed. It feels wickedly impromptu, and it means you can assume delicious erotic control by straddling him and bouncing up and down. And he gets passionately pumped as he sits back and admires the view. If you want to try something kinky with your lover, get him to sit on a dining room chair, then tie his wrists and ankles to the chair legs. Now you’re free to give him a blowjob or sit on his lap, whatever takes your fancy.
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