The Wish List, Barbara Ann Kipfer
Barbara Ann Kipfer

The Wish List

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The Wish List is a quirky little gift book that sounds an irresistible call to get out there and start living. In the same chunky format as the authorfs bestselling 14,000 Things to Be Happy About, The Wish List presents a compulsively readable list of unexpected goals. There are wishes large--retrace Odysseus' route around the Mediterranean--and wishes small--find a genuine arrowhead. There are artistic wishes--write a sonnet. Athletic wishes--learn to box. Practical wishes--master the rudiments of plumbing. Whimsical wishes--become a taster at Ben & Jerry's. And fantasy wishes--live in a Venetian palazzo. The Wish List is meant to plant seeds, jog us out of complacency, and articulate unspoken desires.63,000 copies in print.
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