Edward Jay Epstein

Edward Jay Epstein (born 1935) is an American investigative journalist and a former political science professor at Harvard, UCLA, and MIT. While a graduate student at Cornell University in 1966, he published the book Inquest, an influential critique of the Warren Commission probe into the John F. Kennedy assassination. Epstein wrote two other books about the Kennedy assassination, eventually collected in The Assassination Chronicles: Inquest, Counterplot, and Legend (1992). His books Legend (1978) and Deception (1989) drew on interviews with retired CIA Counterintelligence Chief James Jesus Angleton, and his 1982 book The Rise and Fall of Diamonds was an expose of the diamond industry and its economic impact in southern Africa.



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Laura Celeste Spelman Rockefeller awaited burial for some twenty weeks between March and August, 1915, while her husband John Davidson Rockefeller avoided angry mobs and process servers. At that time Rockefeller was perhaps the wealthiest man the modern world had ever known. His personal fortune was equal to 2 percent of the total gross national product of the United States
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more than a decade Rockefeller had been hounded by relentless journalistic muckrakers, who portrayed him as a ruthless robber baron; investigated continually by state attorney generals and congressional committees who turned him into a fugitive from his own family;
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Yet despite such economic resources, Rockefeller had become such an object of hatred and derision in America that he could not bury his wife of more than half a century for fear that the body might be desecrated or that he might be subpoenaed at the funeral by any of a dozen governmental bodies investigating his activities.
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