Bella Forrest

Bella Forrest is the million-bestselling author of the "A Shade of Vampire" series.Sign up to Bella's New Release email list and you'll automatically get notified as soon as her next book is released: www.forrestbooks.comVisit her website: www.bellaforrest.netList of Bella's books: A SHADE OF VAMPIRE SERIESDerek & Sofia's story: A Shade of Vampire (Book 1)A Shade of Blood (Book 2)A Castle of Sand (Book 3)A Shadow of Light (Book 4)A Blaze of Sun (Book 5)A Gate of Night (Book 6)A Break of Day (Book 7)Rose & Caleb's story: A Shade of Novak (Book 8) A Bond of Blood (Book 9) A Spell of Time (Book 10) A Chase of Prey (Book 11) A Shade of Doubt (Book 12) A Turn of Tides (Book 13) A Dawn of Strength (Book 14) A Fall of Secrets (Book 15) An End of Night (Book 16) The Shade continues with a new hero... A Wind of Change (Book 17) A Trail of Echoes (Book 18) A Soldier of Shadows (Book 19)A Hero of Realms (Book 20) A Vial of Life (Book 21) A Fork of Paths (Book 22) A Flight of Souls (Book 23) A Bridge of Stars (Book 24)The Shade lives on in a brand new story:A Clan of Novaks (Book 25) --> Releases April 5th 2016. Pre-order now!A SHADE OF DRAGON TRILOGYA Shade of DragonA Shade of Dragon 2 A Shade of Dragon 3A SHADE OF KIEV TRILOGYA Shade of Kiev A Shade of Kiev 2A Shade of Kiev 3 BEAUTIFUL MONSTER DUOLOGYBeautiful Monster 1Beautiful Monster 2This is Bella's website: www.bellaforrest.netAnd don't forget to come say hello on Facebook: Instagram: @ashadeofvampireTwitter: @ashadeofvampire
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