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In this book you will make friends with fear. I will show you how I recognize fear not as a warning or obstacle but rather as an indicator of an opening window of opportunity. I now know that when I am afraid to do something, then this is the universe telling me clearly and specifically what I have to do next. Fear is a very strong sign to me that an opportunity to learn, develop and grow has arrived. What most people see as an obstacle I see as the most powerful gift anyone can get and I am going to give the same paradigm to you, starting today.
Dantehat Zitat gemachtletztes Jahr
LOW CONFIDENCE: Women are like velociraptors, they are watching you from all angles. They can read your body language in a split second and if you have the slightest hint of low self-esteem about you the deal is over before you ever say the first word. If she has seen you looking at her all night, slowly drinking your way up to have the courage to approach her… let me tell you the game was over before you had you first drink. If you see a girl you like make eye contact and approach – if you pause you lose. We will talk much more about this later.
Dantehat Zitat gemachtletztes Jahr
Here is the very important conclusion you can take from this observation. People, who believe that they will always be poor, will indeed always be poor. Guys who believe they can’t catch a break with the ladies will always end up masturbating a whole lot more than they would like.


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