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Franz Kafka

  • em 💌hat Zitat gemachtletztes Jahr
    "How about if I sleep a little bit longer and forget all this nonsense"


  • Nik TheTricksterhat Zitat gemachtvor 2 Jahren
    the same time, though, he did not forget to remind himself that calm consideration was much better than rushing to desperate conclusions.
  • sananzaffar77hat Zitat gemachtvor 3 Monaten
    You've not behaved towards us the way we deserve after being so good to you, you forget that we, whatever we are, we're still free men and you're not, and that's quite an advantage.
  • Nik TheTricksterhat Zitat gemachtvor 2 Jahren
    Only then would he consider what to do next, as he was well aware that he would not bring his thoughts to any sensible conclusions by lying in bed.
  • em 💌hat Zitat gemachtletztes Jahr
    what a strenuous career it is that I’ve chosen

    me when i think about how much effort doing a psychology degree will be

  • Samia Lamaamrihat Zitat gemachtvor 4 Monaten
    Was he an animal if music could captivate him so?
  • Habiba Agaghat Zitat gemachtvor 10 Monaten
    There is a view according to which fear of marriage sometimes has its source in a fear that one’s children would some day pay one back for the sins one has committed against one’s own parents
  • minjahat Zitat gemachtletztes Jahr
    don't go out looking for guilt among the public; it's the guilt that draws them out, like it says in the law, and they have to send us police officers out. That's the law. Where d'you think there'd be any mistake there?"
  • minjahat Zitat gemachtletztes Jahr
    It's only because of their stupidity that they're able to be so sure of themselves.
  • minjahat Zitat gemachtletztes Jahr
    that I'm forced to forbid you to do something that you ought to have forbidden yourself to do,
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