Lise Bidstrup

Lise Bidstrup is a Danish lecturer and author who has written books for children and adults. She debuted in 2005 with the fantasy book "Den grønne krystal" written for 10–12 year olds.

Lise Bidstrup was born in Glostrup. Lise developed a love for storytelling and writing from an early age. Her diverse educational background and extensive involvement in the literary community have shaped her into a prominent figure in Danish literature.

Lise's educational journey began at Tibberupskolen in Espergærde, where she attended primary school from 1982 to 1992. She then pursued her higher education at Espergærde Gymnasium, completing her Language high school program from 1992 to 1995.

Lise's intellectual curiosity led her to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Religious Studies at the University of Copenhagen, which she accomplished from 1998 to 2003. Since then, she has made a living as a writer.

Throughout her career, Lise Bidstrup actively participated in various literary organizations and associations. From 2007 to 2014, Lise served as a member of the main board of the Danish Authors' Association, actively contributing to promoting Danish authors. She continued her commitment to the association and rejoined the main board in 2021. During her earlier tenure, she also held the position of Chairman of the BU group within the Danish Authors' Association, showcasing her leadership skills and passion for fostering collaboration among authors.

Lise's commitment to the literary community extends beyond the Danish Authors' Association. She served as a member of the board of København Læser from 2009 to 2011, demonstrating her dedication to promoting reading culture in Copenhagen. Her involvement in the Danish-Finnish Arts Council and the Danish Library Association reflects her broad engagement in the arts and literary landscape.

Teaching and workshops have been an integral part of Lise's career. She has delivered numerous individual lectures at schools and libraries, sharing her expertise and inspiring young minds. Lise's teaching experience includes writing courses at Espergærde Ungdomsskole and participation in workshops and writing events in Denmark and abroad. She conducted writing workshops in Nepal in collaboration with DFF and Neschild, promoting cross-cultural exchange and literary development.

Apart from her professional endeavors, Lise's personal experiences influence her writing. Her passion for travel has taken her to 77 countries, instilling a sense of adventure and cultural richness in her works. Lise often incorporates her travel experiences into her stories, drawing inspiration from different cultures and landscapes. Her ability to weave her real-life encounters into her narratives adds depth and authenticity to her writing.

Lise Bidstrup's contributions to the Danish literary scene, her active involvement in organizations, and her dedication to teaching make her an influential figure in the Danish community. She continues to encourage aspiring and seasoned writers while captivating readers with her engaging and authentic storytelling.

Photographer: Jeppe Gudmundsen-Holmgren
Lebensjahre: 1976 Gegenwart


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