Eric Scott

Eric Scott received degrees in science and business and enjoyed a successful career before going to seminary in his mid-thirties. As a pastor he was awarded the distinguished Pace-Setter Award from the Baptist Convention of Texas three times and has been recognized twice by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association for outstanding evangelistic performance. Eric was elected to the Executive Board that governs the Baptist Texas State Convention and presided over a ministers' alliance that included clergy from several denominations for many years. Reverend Scott is a gifted writer and teacher who spent more than fifteen years analyzing and interpreting the Gospels.



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Content marketing is about producing content to build your own audience. You can use social media, websites, and even pay for advertising, as that is one channel to market your content. However, content marketing is about establishing your own audience.
Think of advertising as waving to someone from across the street and content marketing as not only waving but stopping to engage in conversation and genuinely inquiring how the individual is doing.
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However, be open to trying new things and exploring various options.
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Interact with your audience’s content


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