Jessica Gleason

Jessica Gleason writes because Bukowski no longer can. Gleason has one published novel, "Madison Murphy, Wisconsin Weirdo,"from Champagne Books, and a short poetry collection, "Sundown on this Town," available from Popcorn Press. Her second novel, "Damned Before Breakfast," is due out in 2015 from Champagne Books. Gleason's work can be found in Verse Wisconsin, Postcard Shorts, The Idiom, Carcinogenic Poetry, Fickle Muses, Citizens for Decent Literature and various other poetry publications.She has been published in six anthologies from Kind of a Hurricaine Press, one from 3-Line Poetry, and one from Piscataway Press. In addition to this, her work is featured in Verse Wisconsin's Ellen Kort tribute issue. Gleason is also the managing editor for "Aberration Labyrinth" and "The Red Hawk Review."She has a BA in English Writing and an MFA in Creative Writing. Gleason has been a college English professor since 2008, and spends her spare time reading, painting and singing a mean karaoke.
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