Bernard Roth

Bernie Roth is the Rodney H. Adams Professor of Engineering at Stanford University. A longtime veteran of the Stanford design scene, he first came to the Stanford Design Division faculty in 1962.




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have them ask any question, the dumber the better, and find out that some of them have been completely misinterpreting the lessons. This is a great tool for getting everyone into the same context before anyone gets too lost to recover.
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Recent studies reinforce the idea that relabeling can change behavior. Experimenters have found statistical evidence that, for instance, if you ask people to be voters, you get more voter turnout than if you simply ask people to vote.1 Similarly, if you ask people not to be cheaters there is less cheating than if you just ask people not to cheat. The inference is that people are more concerned with reinforcing their self-image than with their actions; thus, to change behavior, you first change self-image.
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. One little trick is that by exaggerating your reaction, you can make the experience better. For example, if you are at a boring meeting, just tell yourself that it is the most boring meeting you have ever attended. It is in fact so boring that it is amazing. If you are depressed, do not get depressed at the idea of being depressed. Get off on it. Admire the fact that you are having this amazing depression.


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Great book . Thanks for so much knowledge shared .

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