Julie Lawson

Julie Lawson is the award-winning author of many books for children and young adults — picture books, chapter books, short stories, and novels.

Julie Lawson graduated from the University of Victoria with a teaching certificate and a BA in French and English. She spent a year teaching in France and traveling over Europe and Britain.

Lawson taught elementary school — Grades 3 to 5, French, Music, and Drama. She wrote and directed plays for the Drama Club and led a Ukulele Club.

Julie Lawson always dreamed of becoming a writer, and one night she wrote a story called The Day Kenny Wore My Boots Home by Mistake. She sent it to twelve different publishers and received twelve rejections.

But Lawson did not give up. In 1990 she published her first book, The Sand Sifter. That same year Julie signed contracts for four new books with three different publishers. She took a year off teaching to write full-time and never went back to pedagogy again.

Her breakthrough was White Jade Tiger (1993). The book took the Sheila A. Egoff Book Literature Prize and was nominated for the Canadian Library Association Book of the Year Award. It also was long-listed for the 1995 Silver Birch Award.

Among her acclaimed picture books are The Dragon’s Pearl, Emma and the Silk Train, Bear on the Train, and Whatever You Do, Don’t Go Near That Canoe!

"I hope that kids get the same pleasure from reading that I had when I was their age. I want them to feel for the characters, travel in time to experience history, get caught up in adventures, and go sailing off on flights of their imagination," the author says.

Her three novels for the Dear Canada series have been acclaimed by readers of all ages. A Ribbon of Shining Steel (2002) was nominated for the CLA Book of the Year Award and The Hackmatack Award. No Safe Harbour (2006) won the Hackmatack Award, and Where the River Takes Me (2008) was a runner-up for the Bolen Books Children's Book Prize.

Julie Lawson currently lives in Victoria, British Columbia.

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