Tom Brown

Current Profile:Professor Emeritus at North Central Missouri College.Disambiguated Authors:(1) Tom Brown - Professor Emeritus (NCMC), Grundy County History(2) Tom Brown - British Anarcho-Syndicalist(3) Tom Brown - Illustrator, Hopeless Maine, Copper Age (GR author)(4) Tom Brown - American Word of Life Church pastor(5) Tom Brown - British author, So Long Shakespeare (GR author)(6) Tom Brown - Business(7) Tom Brown - Marvellous Marvin, Scottish political commentator(8) Tom Brown - Veteran Seattle Times newsman, associate director(9) Tom Brown - American Dolphin Science Fiction Writer(10) Tom Brown - Film Studies lecturer(11) Tom Brown - Biochemistry professor (DNA)(12) Tom Brown - American tennis player from the 1940s(13) Tom Brown - Automobile Industry, Ken Griffey Jr. and Me(14) Tom Brown - Motorsports(1) Tom M. Brown - Consultant Psychiatrist(4) Thomas Brown - Youth Issues, Bullying


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PSYCHOLOGISTS PROVED that such qualities as a strong will, ability to withstand the life storms. Respect for yourself and the others, kindness, self-discipline, self-confidence, ability to refuse from caprices, and a stable life position make a person attractive and good-looking in the other people's eyes. To become beautiful, you only need to learn to respect yourself. And respect and love are Siamese twins unable to exist without each other.
If you love yourself, demerits disappear by themselves!
b4772907026hat Zitat gemachtvor 2 Jahren
f you dislike yourself, you're in the condition of constant stress. This makes the worst habits manifesting themselves, like overeating, smoking, alcoholism, gambling, or promiscuity. This makes your personality and your body unattractive either for you or the other people.
b4772907026hat Zitat gemachtvor 2 Jahren
eparate yourself from your bad habits and forgive your weaknesses, love yourself as you are. If you like yourself, you are calm and steady. Then, the need to snack or smoke after the stress disappears because the fear itself is gone. You don't need to fence yourself off the outside world with a fat layer, and you don't need to change partners to prove to yourself that you are important; you don't have to sink deep into the gambling world to forget how unjust the real world is. Moreover, if there is no stress, it is so hard to express some patience and quit smoking or overeating?
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